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wait, hang on a sec! by strandedPenguin wait, hang on a sec! by strandedPenguin
hohh boy, got a long way to go. 
steadygait Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist
But making progress every drawing!

Playing around with styles, I see.  Matter of preference whether you prefer the more 2D or 3D styles - my personal preference lies with styles like this.

Your expressions improve with every piece.  Loved a lot of the expressions from your AJ comic not too long ago.

But I really like this piece.  Something about that shocked expression appeals to me, as well as the dynamic pose.  Her super-wide eyes clearly convey her surprise - I also like how the highlights in the eyes match with the highlights on the glasses.  The eyelashes and the flying hair, all directed away from her face, help direct attention to her eyes and match the shocked expression.  The ears are another nice touch.

This was a really tricky pose you did, and you pulled it off quite well - the front hoof is foreshortened because a lot of it is pointed towards us, and the body of the pony is at a strong angle away from us.  The joint structure of that front hoof is made clear, fairly obvious you spent some time thinking about how that hoof should go.

I'm glad I watch you - I'll keep enjoying your stuff as long as you keep drawing.
strandedPenguin Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hee, thank you! It's strange because one of my professors always said foreshortening "didn't work", so view angles like this were kinda a no-go for me! For this next comic (this is a WIP of frame 4!!) I'm aiming at having more motion than before, so it's essential to explore more angles, such as what Vinyl's spikey mane might look like when she is wearing her sunglasses on her forehead—from behind.
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June 17, 2015
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